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Listen!! i have havent been able to update the page for months the reason are that i have problems with my modem line and know its hopefully fixed. I also have cleaned my harddrive so the page has to be re-fixed im sorry for all the delays that i had. The files i have received will be up on the page as fast as possible. If you have send a file to me please re-send it, exept for peder andersen and Andre Gauither your file has been published.

Please send me your scenarios, maps, files, comments and links to

Maybe this will be a big site maybe not please support me in my work by telling me what you think

This page is best viewed with internet explorer 4.0 in 600'800 and 16 bits resolution I also recomend a modem with the minimum speed of 28.8kp
18/10 added two more links
18/10 added one more modpack
18/10 added one more scenario

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